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The Smart Water Bottles like other smart devices have been propelled with the advancement in mobile technology. These water bottles come with an embedded chip which supplies data to a connected mobile app and is used to monitor the user’s water intake. They come in attractive shapes with ergonomic designs that are easy to hold and carry and help in preventing spilling. For affective tracking of water intake, the user should synchronize the bottle with the respective mobile app and feed the necessary basic data like age, gender, fitness stats so as to get useful suggestions as well. The data collected from the use of these bottles can also be used for better tracking of the user’s medical records by their doctors.

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Market Dynamics
Although still in a nascent stage, the growth of smart water bottles has been boosted by rising health awareness and rise in dispensable income, especially among millenials who believe in using all technology at their dispense for keeping fit. The development of multitudes of semiconductor chips and batteries that can be embedded in regular mundane devices like bottles, and transmit data to apps has been a major breakthrough. This technology is very useful, in particular for people with busy lifestyles or like sportsmen, people with field jobs, or those who tend to forget drinking water school, like students, elderly people.

Market Segmentation
The market for Smart Water Bottle can be segmented based on the type – i.e. whether the bottle and tracker are separate or tracker is in-built. For the former model, a holder with tracker is used, such that the bottle can be replaced when required. For the latter, bottle is irreplaceable. They can be segmented based on the material used for manufacturing. The material most widely used is tritan’ polymer.These bottles can be distributed through online retailers, or through consumer durable retailers, hypermarkets etc

Geographic Analysis
Demand for Smart Water Bottle is in good numbers in most of the American, European, African and APAC countries.

업체 스마트 병을 생산하는 일부 브랜드는  H2Pal, Ozmo, Hidrate 등입니다.

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