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매장 내 분석 시장 규모, 판매, 수익 2021 | 개발 분석 별 움직임, 진행 상황, 2025 년까지의 수익 기대, 연구 보고서

보고서 제목 : 구성 요소 별 (솔루션 및 서비스), 애플리케이션 별 (고객 관리, 경쟁 인텔리전스, 머천다이징, 운영, 판매 및 마케팅 및 기타), 배포 모드 별 (클라우드 및 온 프레미스) 및 기준 별 매장 내 분석 시장 지역 (북미, 유럽, APAC 및 RoW) – 2025 년까지 글로벌 예측

이 시장 조사 보고서에는  구성 요소 (솔루션 및 서비스), 애플리케이션 (고객 관리, 경쟁 인텔리전스, 머천다이징, 운영, 판매 및 마케팅 등) 별, 배포 모드 (클라우드) 별 글로벌 매장 내 분석 시장 의 세부 세분화가 포함됩니다.  및 온-프레미스) 및 지역 (북미, 유럽, APAC 및 RoW)별로. 시장 조사 보고서는 SAP, Mindtree, Happiest Minds 및 Capgemini를 글로벌 매장 내 분석 시장에서 운영하는 주요 공급 업체로 식별합니다.

글로벌 매장 내 분석 시장 개요
인포 홀릭 리서치에 따르면 글로벌 매장 내 분석 시장은 2019-2025 년 예측 기간 동안 21 % 이상 성장할 것이며 2025 년까지 30 억 달러 이상의 가치가있을 것입니다. 시장 매장 내 분석의 경우 의사 결정을위한 클라우드 기반 분석과 같은 고급 기술의 채택이 증가하고 있습니다. 예를 들어, 2019 년 4 월 미국 소매업 체인 Walmart는 AI 기술을 배포하여 소매점을 실시간으로 모니터링했습니다. 이 회사는 고객의 구매 경험을 향상시키기 위해 매장을 디지털화하고 있습니다.

이 전략 보고서의 샘플 다운로드 :

According to the global in-store analytics market analysis, North America accounted for the largest share of the global in-store analytics market in 2018. With the presence of the highest number of technology innovators and increasing adoption of in-store analytics by the retail corporations to enhance customer’s buying experience this region is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period. The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness the fastest growth rate due to rising adoption of in-store analytics solutions for reforming the retail landscape during the forecast period.
In-store Analytics Market Research Competitive Analysis and Key Vendors
The report covers and analyzes the global in-store analytics market. Major vendors across different verticals are increasingly developing products and investments in this market, and as a result the in-store analytics market is expected to grow at a good pace in the coming years. The key players in the in-store analytics market are adopting various organic as well as inorganic growth strategies such as mergers & acquisitions, collaborations & partnerships, joint ventures, and few other strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the market.
Few of the Key Vendors in the In-store Analytics Market
• Mindtree
• Happiest Minds
• Capillary Technologies
• Celect
• Capgemini
• RetailNext
• Sisense
• Thinkinside
These companies are providing in-store analytics solutions across areas. There are numerous other vendors that have been studied based on the portfolio, geographical presence, marketing & distribution channels, revenue generation, and significant investments in R&D for analysis of the entire ecosystem.
In-store Analytics Market Segmentation By Deployment
• On-premises
• Cloud-based
On the basis of deployment mode, the global in-store analytics market is segmented to on-premises and cloud-based. Cloud-based subsegment is expected to grow significantly owing to low-cost availability and user-friendly deployment mode.
In-store Analytics Market Segmentation By Application
• Customer Management
• Competitive Intelligence
• Merchandising
• Operations
• Sales and Marketing
• Others
Based on application, the market is segmented into Customer Management, Competitive Intelligence, Merchandising, Operations, Sales and Marketing, and Others. Customer Management and Merchandising are expected to contribute significantly during the forecast period 2019–2025 predominately due to the growing adoption of AI and analytics to gain customer insights.

In-store Analytics Market Segmentation By Component
• Solutions
• Services
On the basis of component, the market is segmented into solutions and services. The solutions segment in the in-store analytics market will register strong growth since these solutions are enabling retail stores to effectively identify customer preferences and build a strategy based on insights.

In-store Analytics Market Research Benefits

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the in-store analytics market. In-store analytics provides retailers an opportunity to understand customer demand in real-time through open management of products and resources. The technology enhances data sharing and analyzing capabilities resulting in the growth of in-store analytics market across the globe. The growing adoption of new-age technologies such as AI and their integration with various software solutions is rapidly being adopted among brick and mortar retailers for an omnichannel retail approach. This adoption is resulting in enhanced customer in-store experience as well as predicting customer demand in real-time. Sephora, a beauty retailer introduced the omnichannel expansion of its new bricks-and-mortar connected boutique in the US facilitated with mobile-enabled experiences such as browsing products on in-store iPad stations and providing customized digital makeover suggestions over emails to customers.

Download Sample of This Strategic Report:

Europe will witness significant growth in the in-store analytics market during the forecast period. Retailers across the region are shifting towards advanced concepts of retail from brick and mortar. Rapid embracement of technological advances such as AI, cloud, and others are driving the demand for in-store analytics. Additionally, business expansion by retailers is also boosting the adoption of in-store analytics solutions. Amazon is planning to expand its grocery store business in the UK by bringing a cashier-less shopping experience.

Currently, several in-store analytics players are offering several solutions that are being used across retail players globally. The report discusses the market in terms of deployment, application, component, and regions. Further, the report provides details about the major challenges and drivers impacting market growth.

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